Get inspired

Looking for inspiration for your event? We’ve got you covered with everything from recipes and hosting tips to fun dinner theme ideas.

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Event theme ideas

Your Big Social event can be whatever you want it to be. Keep it simple with a potluck. Go big with an elegant dinner party. Or keep it in the family with a family dinner.

We’ve got some fun theme ideas that’ll fit any type or size of event. Like our Big Social Travel Tour, which is all about celebrating and sharing the dishes you and your guests first fell in love with when you were travelling.

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Chef Lynn Crawford's Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Lasagne is sure to wow your guests and make your event a hit. Check it out!

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Hosting tips

Chef Nicole Gomes isn't just a pro in the kitchen, she's a pro at hosting, too. She shared some tips for how you can make sure your guests have an awesome time at your event. 

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