Fundraising tips

Here are a few simple ideas that can help you make your Big Social event a fundraising success!

Set a fundraising goal. Consider how many guests you’re inviting, and how many donations you’ll need to reach that goal.

  1. Show your commitment by making a self-donation to get your fundraising started.
  2. Tell your guests why you’re raising money to give low-income Canadians access to healthy food and programs that change lives. Personalize your Event page with a few sentences about why the issues matter to you. And make sure you include them in your email invitation to your guests. The more your guests know why you care, the more likely they are to contribute to your goal. Check out our Impact page to see what Impact you and your guests can have.
  3. If a guest sends their regrets, let them know they can still support you and the cause by making a donation towards your goal in lieu of attending.
  4. As your event date approaches, follow up with any guests who haven’t RSVPd. Don't forget to include the link to your personal Event page for easy access.
  5. Do you have friends or family who don’t live nearby but who care about the cause? Invite them to make a donation to your goal as honorary guests.
  6. Haven't reached your fundraising goal by the day of your event? Not to worry! Your dinner is a great time to encourage guests to offer support! Use the conversation cards found in our Host Welcome Package to start a dialogue about how food insecurity impacts low-income Canadians, and how the money you raise can make a difference. Encourage guests who haven’t donated to make a donation after your event.